Hi! I’m Ann, a board-certified internal medicine physician with over 30 years of direct patient care experience! I’m not your doctor, so don’t think of me as Dr. Hester. Instead, think of me as Ann, an old friend who happens to be a doctor. In my book, I share a tremendous amount of practical, actionable tips on optimizing your healthcare and even cutting your healthcare costs!

You want to know what you’ll learn by reading this book, right? Below I’ll give you a basic overview, but the reality of what you will take away is far more profound.

You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize each medical encounter to get the most out of every visit
  • Specific questions doctors want to know about common symptoms
  • How to expedite your own diagnosis and minimize unnecessary tests and procedures
  • Tips on choosing the right doctor
  • How to unravel the health insurance maze and understand what you are getting
  • How easy it is to develop a personal copy of health records
  • Ways to stay safe in the hospital
  • How technology can help improve your health
  • Why having an advocate in your care is invaluable
  • Common medical tests and terms your doctor may use to explain your results
  • Frequently used medical abbreviations
  • Glossary of common medical terms and a pronunciation key for difficult words
  • And More!

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Patient Empowerment 101 is beyond amazing and I am speechless. The work that this project took is immeasurable. This book is certainly a beacon of light for all people in the world. What an accomplishment. The information provided in this book is timeless and universally helpful.

-Marc Okun, MD – Cardiologist

I think every patient should read this book. It’s easy to understand and a great resource.

Marianne Cunanan-Bush, M.D. – Internal Medicine

This book is a must read for every person, including healthcare workers. A guide that allows you to learn how to communicate effectively with your physician. A well overdue book that finally gives the patient the tools to have the power to understand, be accountable and participate in their own health. This should be implemented in medical and nursing curriculums, as providers can also learn the basics of effective communication in the health field. It is such a needed part of the patient centered health model, for the patient to actually be at the center. Kudos to Dr. Hester for her tireless dedication to her patients and patients around the country for writing this book that can impact so many in a positive way.

-Amanda Williams MD, MPH, Scientific Director

Radio Host Invite Health

 The book was AMAZING!!!  I want to give every patient a copy!!

Sharon Nath, PA-C – Emergency Medicine

Phenomenal read for all, with important tools that put the patient at the center of their own health care and help to provide for the best health and well-being outcomes.

Lisa M. Musolin, DO, MBA, CPE – Family Medicine

Many books are called important because they touch on widespread cultural conversations. How long those books will remain important before the conversation moves on it’s impossible to say. This book, however, will likely remain vital for a long time unless there is a sudden change in the American healthcare system. Even if there is, it’s still a good idea to take your health seriously. Above all else, I think that is what this book can help accomplish.

Joe Niederhoff – San Francisco Book Review

This book is not a one-time read; it is a book that must be read repeatedly, as it is well-written. Due to these reasons, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because it is well deserving of it.

This reviewer awards five-star ratings with the frequency of Hailey’s Comet. But this book earns Every. Single. Star. And then some. We’re talkin’ Must Read here. It’s an invaluable resource that no patient or future patient should be without!

A practical tool for helping readers navigate increasingly complex medical care systems.

This is absolutely the best guide I’ve ever read on taking control of your own healthcare. In fact, I’ve never read a book like it. From the first page, I began to learn things, and I now have a clear understanding of what doctors need from us as patients, and what we can do to feel in control of our healthcare. 

Chick Lit Cafe

Patient Empowerment 101: More than a book, it’s an adventure and this Companion Guide. This book can serve as your personal health journal on doctor’s visits, ER visits, and other health-related encounters. It is chock-full of fillable forms to record everything from your medication allergies to your hospitalizations. And there’s more! Some charts help you prepare for medical visits in advance. You can even download additional copies on the website I created just for you whenever you want. The website also gives you special access to quizzes and fun videos to help in your empowerment journey.

*Notes sections to keep track of invaluable information. 

*My Health Empowerment Goals pages let you develop a plan to improve your health. 

*How I Will Empower Others pages help you create a strategy to enlighten others in their health journey as well.

So, get ready to partner in your healthcare like never before!

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Why Patient Empowerment 101?

Communicate effectively with doctors.
Learn to think more like doctors do.
Know common questions doctors ask about your symptoms BEFORE they step foot in the room.

Expedite your own diagnoses.
Find the right doctor.

Get tips on how technology can improve your health.

Watch engaging videos. Take self-assessment quizzes.
Download forms to create your own personal health record.
Make each hospital stay safer.

Download your free copy of the Mini Medical Record Log to keep in your wallet at all times.

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